My parents are from Ghana and I know almost every word twi except happy birthday, if one exists. In addition, today is my birthday friends and she is the only other person with parents from Ghana and I think it would be very sweet if I could wish him a happy birthday in twi.

“There is no defined way of saying happy birthday in twi, but” I wo awoda my pa “is accepted. Me(I) MA(desire) wo(you) awoda(birthday) pa(good). pronounced me-mi, ma-ma, wo-wu, awoda-a-wo-da, pa-pa. You can add “Nyame wo mfie ntoaso MMA” to wish the person many happy returns. Nyame(God) MMA(grant) wo(you) mfie ntoaso(many returns).

“Afihya pa” is used for Christmas, New Year and other social gatherings occur each year such as festivals, but definitely not for birthdays. “

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